Town Hall and Senior Center, Dedham, MA

The historic Ames Schoolhouse originally built in 1897 is being preserved and adapted as new Townhall and Senior Center.

The attic originally designed to be unoccupied will be converted into a fully occupiable flexible space. The project also features full lateral upgrade to the building while being sensitive to its historic nature. The building will contain Town Offices such as the Building Department, Assessors Office, as well as many other Town Administrations. It will also be the home of the Dedham Counsel on Aging.


Owner: Town of Dedham

Architect: T2 Architecture

Contractor: TBD

Location: Dedham, MA

Status: Design

Key Attributes: Historic Preservation, Renovation, Addition, Existing Foundation Interaction, Below Grade, Framing Alterations, Structural Assessments, Lateral Upgrade, Steel, Concrete, Wood, Timber Trusses, Timber Braced Frames, Unreinforced Brick masonry Walls, RTU on Dunnage.

(With B+AC)