We believe in elegant solutions; and cost effectiveness is one of our important goals. The cost is not limited to the cost of the solution we provide, but the overall cost of the system. Sustainability, system costs, impact on aesthetics, user experience and schedule are important factors towards meaningful solutions.

We have advocated that the lowest structural material or lowest structural related construction cost may not always be the most effective solution. For instance, in a steel framed office/condominium building, a small premium on perimeter framing may pay significant dividends in simpler and elegant building envelop design. That’s an instant ROI for the investment made in structural steel.

Keeping things simple is within our DNA. In our opinion, simple solutions to most complicated problems are the high points of technology and engineering. We always strive for that highest point at B+AC.


A service is an intangible commodity. We bring to table our resources, skills, ingenuity, resourcefulness and general care to serve our clients. This care is evident even before the business relationship begins. Our clients know us to be a reliable source for engineering counsel.

While respecting intellectual properties of their owners, we are not hesitant in sharing our cumulative knowledge and experience with team where appropriate.

We also strive to serve in peculiar settings and difficult situations. We like to make a difference with our individualism and team effort.


The all-hands-on-deck approach promotes an environment for innovative solutions. Our clients sometimes call them serendipities.

Merriam-Webster defines Serendipity as “luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for”.

It is through constant drive to provide solutions that are elegant, simple and cost effective, we, by design, stumble upon “luck”. And the result has been a valuable and pleasant service that often exceeds our clients and other team members’ expectations.